Technical, Cave and Rebreather Training

Opal with rEvo

rEvo Instructor Trainer, Triton & Poseidon Instructor
TDI Full Cave & Trimix Instructor
SSI Full Cave & Trimix Instructor
TDI & SSI Rebreather Instructor
CMAS M*** Instructor Trainer
(PADI MSDT Instructor up to 2017)
(NAUI Instructor Trainer up to 2017)

JJ-CCR, Megalodon, Inspiration diver
NSS-CDS Cave recovery diver

Diving Experience
3000+ Dives
1000+ Mixed gas dives
1000+ Decompression dives
1000+ Cave/Mine dives
2006 – present, +500 student certifications

Community Involvement
Board of Directors Finnish Divers Federation, 2013-2017
Vice President of Finnish Divers Federation, 2013-2014
Member of diving accident analysis team
Member of Technical and Training advisors
Ojamo mine keyholder and responsible of divers certifications, Finland
Tuna-Hästberg mine keyholder, Sweden
Montola mine President and keyholder, Finland
Haveri mine keyholder, Finland
Member of Plura recovery operation 2014, Norway

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